Works published on this website have been selected from Monika Holečková’s oeuvre since the early 1990s up to the present. The artist presents herself here primarily as a sophisticated colorist who is able to capture innermost feelings through color. She has drawn important inspiration from her travels. Mountainous landscapes, which are the dominant motif of her art from the late 1990s, reflect the artist’s fundamental experience – her journey to high mountains in Asia, which had affected her perception of sharp colors and light contrasts and forms both from the personal and visual point of view. Her dreamy landscapes are reminiscent of illustrations of mythological stories or stage design and feature mountain peaks piled on each other, interconnected by emphatic vertical lines. Silhouettes of mountains and decorative vegetation merge with abstract forms; shades of yellow, blue, pink and green produce a calm atmosphere of landscapes of an ancient world with no people. However, it is not an unpopulated country, on the contrary – life permeates its every part. The viewer is drawn inside with the same force like a pilgrim attracted by a mysterious mountain on the horizon, and even more by an unknown world which extends behind it.

Most paintings from the period after 2004 have eliminated the figurative element and show an increased interest in structures and lines, still in connection with color. The paintings reflect the artist’s travels around Italy – the image of the world seen from above, from belfries and towers, a dancing mosaic of multicolored roofs in contrast with an upward view of the heights of church cupolas. In the intense color scheme, the blue of the sky and the sea is combined with earthy reddish shades.


In the subsequent period Monika Holečková has concentrated more on primary forms and the play with color. Energetic large planes of rich colors are intersected by contrasting stripes and thinner lines of different coloring, which make the image more lyrical, providing it with inner motion and at the same time undermining the radical statement of large color masses. Color shades seem to express various emotions and in their interaction the viewer can perceive basic feelings of human existence: horizontal lines representing calm, vertical lines representing intersection, diagonal lines representing motion, change and hope. Harmony, consonance, love, contradictions, rage, grief, hope... every viewer may conduct his/her own dialogue with the particular work of art.

The latest paintings from April and May 2009 show overall relaxation both in the composition and the painter’s brushwork. Sharp borders between color stripes are disrupted, color shades merge in a more elemental way or slowly pass into each other or roll over each other in a flow of the energy of life.

The development of Monika Holečková’s art covering approximately 15 years reflects continuous transformations of her original artistic expression, heading towards simplification of forms of expression. Painting in her interpretation is always a personal statement full of life and vitality, “female” in the true sense of the word, connected both with the earth and the sky, embracing and warm and simultaneously disquieting. The main theme of her art is in fact life itself, interpreted with energy and sensation into remarkably colorful compositions. This quality places Monika Holečková among prominent representatives of Czech paintings of her generation.


Blanka Kubíková

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