What is abundance?
Abundance is overflowing.
Springs are abundant.
Yellow is a ray of abundance.
Abundance is being at peace. Abundance is being well.
Abundance is a feeling.
Abundance persists.


Monika Holečková’s painting has been from its beginning a continuous flow. Groups of paintings follow one after another over time, one passing into the other, flowing steadily without a pause. A continuous link between them is the theme of the Earth and an almost personal theme is the interconnection between the bottom and the top. Monika Holečková formulates the feeling of her own experience of looking into the landscape, looking down from above, from a mountain, from a tower, from the bottom up into a high vault, to the sky. She transforms an experience into a sensation, thought out up to the edge of a symbolic level. There she stops and begins to paint.

The Earth, sea, air. A vault. An area. Landscapes on the verge of abstraction, very personal as well as elemental through the experience. Modestly engaged symbolism far away from environmental fanaticism.

The latest flow of paintings again stems from the good old source. This time the impulse for inspiration came from photographs of the Earth’s surface from satellites. At first Monika Holečková employs pastel, and in the next stage oil in order to look for and eventually find an increasingly more convincing expression of amazement at the wealth of such views of the Earth.


It is a joy and wonder and affirmation of the beauty and abundance that surrounds us, in which we often participate without being aware of it. She has been in awe over the images of mountain ranges, estuaries, islands and bays from the Titanic perspective which is confusing because of the lack of light and shadow, usually helpful in creating images of space. The perspective from heaven literally lifts up valleys and diminishes mountain ranges and changes the Earth’s surface into a multicolored abstraction. The new canvases are not Monika Holečková’s transcript of Google Maps. They mediate the feeling. It gets to the canvas with an inherent sophistication and rich sensualistic color scheme, grounded in genuine experience. In comparison to her previous landscape paintings, displaying an inclination to direct lines, sometimes being abstract to the point of geometry, here the expression is more relaxed and becomes organic. The shell-like formations function as a surreal seaweed drifted into the shore. In comparison to Monika Holečková’s previous work, what is striking here are variegated colors, combined with the joy of abundance.

The inclination towards the Earth in contemporary art is evident and it is certainly no coincidence that the word Earth is to be found in titles of many works of art and as well as whole exhibitions, and we can also find it here in various forms. It is about time. Abundance is still here. Abundance is a feeling of the original source of life. Looking inside oneself and meeting the living ones. Becoming aware of one’s consciousness. Looking out from there to the world in its abundance of expressions of life. Seeing and enjoying them. Not looking forward to anything, but just enjoying.

Monika Holečková (born on 10 April 1964 in Prague) lives and works in Prague. She studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague (1978 – 1982) and subsequently at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Department of Applied Painting (1982 – 1988). Her paintings are represented in private collections both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Lucie Šiklová

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